Model: FANUC R-2000IA 165F


Robot Specifications

Controller: RJ3ib
Axis: 6
Reach 2650 mm
Payload: 165 kg
Repeatability 0.20 mm
Structure: Articulated
Weight: 1210 kg


Spot welding
Arc welding
Material handling


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The FANUC R-2000iA 165F is a heavy-duty robot which you want on the production floor. It has a versatile robot arm that has high-performance motion to produce fast cycle times and increase throughput.

The R-2000iA 165F has the capability of handling a variety of applications, including arc welding, part transfer, material removal, dispensing, assembly, and spot welding. This level of versatility will improve a company's ability to put the robot to work and to receive a high rate of ROI.

The slim arm and wrist of the R2000iA 165F along with its larger work envelope, help it reach tight spaces which is why it is a perfect choice for industries like the automotive and other transportation industries. This design also helps it minimise interference with peripherals.

A prevalent and reliable robot model with added internally integrated cables for enhanced spot welding performance. This allows production to commence after connecting the controller and avoids any issues with adjusting cabling packages.