Robot Automation For SMEs

Robotics was once considered the mainstay of high volume production, but today many small and medium-sized businesses are starting to deploy them too.  To help you decide whether adding a robot to your process could help boost your competitive edge, RNR Robot Solutions gives you five of the most common benefits.  If you’re new to robotics, we think this will help convince you to take the leap into robot automation for SMEs.

Robotic Solutions

1. Reduction in Company Costs
For many companies, using robots will cut costs of human labour. Let’s face it; human labour costs can be expensive. Once you’ve purchased a robotic team to complete tasks for your company, you’ll just be paying to power and maintain them.
Does this mean bad news for human workers?

The short answer is: no. Robots remove the need for humans to perform everyday, repetitive tasks that can also be dangerous. Eliminating the need for people to perform these tasks leaves more room for growth in employees’ areas of interest and expertise.

Keeping human workers away from the tedious, dangerous tasks that robots can efficiently perform is essential for employee morale. After all, this allows them to realise their full potential within a company.

2. Quality and Accuracy
It’s simple: the possibility of human error is removed when humans aren’t performing jobs. Robotic workers achieve precise, exact movements and execute with minimal error. Fewer errors mean more quality products and less wasted production materials. That translates to more profits for your business. Improved quality and accuracy will leave less room for frustration internally. It will also make your clients happy.

3. Robotic Automation for Companies Creates Uninterrupted Workflow
Think about it: robots don’t need to sleep, or even rest. But what does this mean for businesses? It means that automation unleashes the possibility of 24/7 production.

Robots don’t necessarily need a steady light source to work. They can be individually programmed with the ability to perform any task in the dark. This means a fast production turnaround, coupled with low costs.

4. Improved Experience for Customers
Faster production times and improved quality in products means happier customers. And happier customers means better word of mouth referrals, and less time spent appeasing frustrated clients. Everyone wins!

5. Robots Can Perform Complex Tasks
In this day and age, robotic technologies are continually improving. Scientists have even created robots that walk with a human-like gait. And with these vast and quickly developing improvements comes the ability to perform complex tasks in the workplace.

This removes the need to locate and hire specialised employees. It will also ensure that difficult and complicated tasks are performed without error.

Robotic automation for companies can cut costs all around. They also improve the overall quality of production and create a fast and seamless turnaround.

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