Model: ABB IRB 7600

Demonstrating the many advantages industrial robots have


Demonstrating the advantages Industrial Robots have

Controller: M2000
Teach Pendant S4C+
Axis: 6
Reach 2.55 mm
Payload: 400 kg
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Structure: Articulated
Weight: 2500 kg


Spot welding
Press tending
Machine tending
Material handling


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A new world of possibilities opens up with the ABB IRB 7600 Robot which is ideal for weighty applications, regardless of industry. This model enables the workplace to become safer for humans as the heavy lifting capacity means bulky machine tools can be operated by the robot instead of a human - a clear advantage industrial robots have in a potentially dangerous work place environment.

The key characteristics of this model include:

  • high available torque and inertia capability,
  • rigid design, and
  • powerful acceleration

These features have earned this market leader its “Power Robot” title - clearly demonstrating the many advantages industrial robots have over humans in improving productivity in a variety of different sectors and settings.

The robot has a built-in Service Information System (SIS) which monitors the motion and load of the machine and at the same time optimises service requirements by itself, thereby improving reliability and the quality of the finished product.

Flexibility is a key factor in the design of this robot. Upper arm extenders and different wrist modules with highest available inertia and torque (best in its class!) will allow optimised customisation to each manufacturing and fabrication process. And because the robot can bend fully backwards, the working range is significantly extended, and it fits well into dense production lines.

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