Model:  ABB IRB 2400L


For Robotic Welding Programming Solutions and more...

Robot Specifications

Controller: M2000
Teach pendant: S4C +
Axis: 6
Reach 1800 mm
Payload: 7 kg
Repeatability 0.06 mm
Structure: Articulated
Weight: 380 kg


Robotic welding programming
Arc welding
Material handling
Adhesive bonding


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The ABB IRB 2400L robot provides users with a working envelope wide enough to handle up to 16kg of payload and a reach up to 1,800mm and operates within tight, confined working areas. The robot provides the flexibility to operate within a variety of different manufacturing environments including arc welding, robotic welding programming, processing, and tending-based applications.

The ABB IRB 2400L shortens cycle times and helps speed up production while also producing consistent part quality. It also works with a variety of controllers such as the S4C, S4C+ and the IRC5.