Model: ABB IRB 6600


Robot Specifications

Controller: M2000
Teach pendant: S4C+
Axis: 6
Reach 2.55 mm
Payload: 175 kg
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Structure: Articulated
Weight: 1750 kg


Spot welding
Press tending
Parts handling


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The IRB 6600 is developed from the famous IRB 6400 version; this new and improved version has high velocity and a well-rounded shape to allow for a larger working area. The robot uses one spring to counterbalance, and the Kuka and Fanuc viewpoints inform the system. The IRB 6600 is built with a Service Information structure, allowing it to have easier plan service and maintenance.

The benefits of the IRB 6600 bend-over-backwards facility is dramatic. For a start, tool changes are speeded up, so there is no need to rotate the machine – you just swing the arm backwards, making the cell more compact - and less costly. What's more, the working range of the robot is significantly extended, giving you the freedom to modify production at a later stage. Should your application call for it, IRB 6600 is also able to work with overhead conveyors - without you having to reorganise the entire line.

The robot is also equipped with the S4C+ controller which ensures that the machine has superior motion control. The S4Cplus is characterised by a dynamic based control, QuickMove for short rotation times, and the TrueMove function for high accuracy movements. As a result, the robot can work at high speeds independently.